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dreamer, tripping on your highs

painting stars in our hearts ♡

Midas x Dreamcatcher

Name: Dandy

Age: Unborn Pup

Gender: Male

Appearance: Takes after both parents. A pelt of darkest night provides a stark base for patches of toffee blonde to flash through, similar to the pattern of a tortoiseshell cat. These sunshine spots spatter irregularly over his body, leaving half his face slashed with gold and one ear spotted in the same bright color. His eyes are sky blue with jade green flecks.

Personality: Dandy will in many ways remain young at heart past his puphood. His mind is bright, alert, and curious - finding the most enjoyment out of a life that is fun and full of vitality. He is almost always eager for new experiences and adventures. Though often social, he will have tendencies to "live in his head" - observing, thinking, and spinning ideas around.

Breed: Maned Wolf

History: none yet


D a n d y

Loyal to none Mated to none Pup

Played By: Tikki

  • Accepted! -

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