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Christmas Time Is "Almost" Here Again!

Hi folks. Thought I,d start the upcoming christmas season with a few threads rather than stick them all on one. So here Child Of Winter. My knowledge of our beloved "boys" is as good or bad as the next person,s but this beautiful gem of a song has always bewildered me regarding its release date.

Does anybody know or have any of the Beach Boys ever explained WHY Warners decided to release this just two days before Christmas??!! Somebody out ther must know why this marketing disaster happened. As we know the song was recorded in plenty of time for a late November, early December release. But alas another fantastic BB song is denied the privelage of "wider exposure" at the time. Thank God then for Ultimate Christmas!! Anyone out there know why this late release date was allowed to happen??

Next "Merry Christmas From The Beach Boys". This beloved lost album was being recorded around this time 40 years ago. Did it deserve its rejection? Warners excuses were "we dont want a seasonal album" and "we are highly skeptical that Brian is on the album". As we know the latter is utter nonesense. Brian was at the helm. Executive producer/co producer with Al on some songs, finished off a few songs and was on pratically every single song(if not all) on the album. just because Brian had just one "main" lead vocal with Winter Symphony so what. Yes Alan and Mike had the main claim on the lead vocals and to a degree the writing, but its The Beach Boys!! One, three, nine of them who cares!!.

If ok I would like to dissect the album bit by bit, give my opinion but more than anything I just would love to hear what you all think about this album!!

Firstly I think that the album was as good. bad or indifferent as any other album at the time. In other words despite a lot of dross getting released in the music world this fine album was as good or bad.

ALONE ON CHRISTMAS DAY: A fantastic opener for the album and a strong track. A lost opportunity not to include it on Ultimate Christmas. But a rather nice new version by the band in 2015 as we know. So at least it has some sort of happy ending

GO AND GET THAT GIRL: A great little number, just gets away with being a christmas song(just!!). Another lost opportunity sadly.

I SAW SANTA ROCKIN ROUND THE CHRISTMAS TREE: A little beauty and well worthy of its release!!

WINTER SYMPHONY: OMG an amazing song and one of two on the album that are my absolute favourites! A classic in every sense of the word!!

CHILD OF WINTER: Need I say more!!

MORNING CHRISTMAS: My other favourite song on the album. Other worldly and so like Dennis to create a masterpiece. Another worthy release!!

I SAW MOMMY KISSING: Thank the lord this little gem saw release on Hey Santa

As for the rest of the album....The Christmas Medley was nice and should have been released. Seasons In The Sun is a lost classic and should have been released long long ago. Its such a sad version but a beautiful version. What I really like apart from Carl,s fantastic lead is just how prominent Bruce and Al are on the chorus!!

Sadly however despite the above songs ranging in my opinion from good to mega excellent I think the albums failing may well have been atrributed to the following...

KONA CHRISTMAS: Kona Coast a not bad song but its re write to a christmas song wasnt good.

CHRISTMAS TIME IS HEREAGAIN: As Peggy Sue, great. Here major mistake.

BELLS OF CHRISTMAS: Bells Of Paris a corker of a song on MIU. Here sadly the song fell down badly and turned one of my favourites on MIU to one of my least favourites as a seasonal song.

SANTAS GOT AN AIRPLANE: Version 1 was done to the melody of HELP IS ON THE WAY as we know. Actually no matter how cheesy this version was I kind of like it a fair amount Version 2 to the melody Of Loop De Loop. I absoultely adore this song and it deserves to be released in its "original" form. However I didnt think it possible that this amazing song could be rewritten and turned in to an almost awful version. And I dont often say that about any BB song, so it has to be bad!!!

MICHAEL ROW THE BOAT ASHORE: Never been keen on this song in general and still not keen despite this version. As always of course the guys harmonies and background vocals always impress, but this song is a square peg in a round hole. But then again in belongs on 15 BIg Ones dosent it!!!.

SAD SAD CHRISTMAS and CHRISTMAS DAY(different song I think). Those two songs are not part of the original line up for the christmas album and yet according to AGD,s fantastic site they were both recorded during the album,s sessions. Never heard them before but most interesting.

Gasp! Sorry for the length of post. Got to release my enthusiasm somehow. But on a serious note what do you all think of this album? Did it deserve its fate, what songs to folks like from it, etc. Not that I,ve lit the fuse anyone interested??!!


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