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plots open and appreciated...

I have a few wolves, I absolutely need plots with. Just because, as of right now, they aren't really doing anything. If they are restricted in any way, it should be said, however death of the character isn't really wanted, unless I note that.

Umbreon is Absol, Growlithe and Eevee's sister, older than Eevee and Growlithe, younger than Absol. She would be the type to not seek out romance or a pack, or anything, but that doesn't mean you can't plot anything with her.
(She has an open post here: http://www.boards2go.com/boards/board.cgi?action=read&id=1509712508.8084&user=bflake)

Quiet is my selective mute teenager, whose trauma and injuries were inflicted by a pack that killed his father and siblings in front of him when he was a pup, and left his mother horribly disfigured. He uses the scarring at his throat and neck as a way to pretend he's actually mute.
(he has an open post here: http://www.boards2go.com/boards/board.cgi?action=read&id=1506101457.80914&user=bffalls)

Ruby Rose is still a pup, almost a year old but STILL nonetheless, a pup, and she is a kalak. She and her mother will be joining Lillith's kalak plot but that doesn't mean she can't have other plots as well. She wants to grow up to be a strong, honorable warrior, and that is all I have going for her, and I'd like more.
(She has an open post here: http://www.boards2go.com/boards/board.cgi?action=read&id=1509747208.00622&user=bffindamate)

Lie Ren/Kino are the eldest two of Dreamcatcher and Midas's litter, and while they aren't born yet, I feel like I'd want to get some sort of something put together for them. Lie Ren is the first-born and male, and Kino is second-born and female.

*A list of character info and more characters can be found on this board under the post that says Foxy's Characters: http://www.boards2go.com/boards/board.cgi?&user=bfarsene*

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