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and the darkness has not overcome it

of justice x artemis .x. 0 years .x. knight

In a world filled with misery and uncertainty,
it is a great comfort to know that, in the end,

Name: Crescius.


Age: Unborn.

Appearance: He takes after his father shapewise - tall with lean muscle, an athletic Prince Charming type who is neither too bulky nor too slender . . . definitely a heart-throb when he reaches adulthood. His father's earthen canvas has been mottled by his mother's winter white, giving him a merle appearance. A band of pure white starts at his jaw and extends all the way down his underbelly. He possesses his father's striking amber eyes - like sunlight glowing through honey.

Personality: A lover, as well as a fighter. Unlike his sisters, Crescius will not be the least bit shy. He takes after his mother, in the aspect that this boy is stubborn and will not go down without a fight. He is defensive of those he loves, and will possibly find himself in trouble as a result of his over protectiveness over his siblings. He generally has nothing besides good intentions, and will be a huge flirt as he matures.

Breed: (Mackenzie Valley wolf x Himalayan Wolf) x (Arctic)

there is light in the darkness.

light in darkness


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