You Won't See Me Die Here - " />

Glaesfaet Sceawere is the name gifted to the mother river that flows through the center of Blossom Forest, bringing life and sustenance to all of the lands. It breaks off in many places, giving birth to smaller streams and estuaries, but the main body flows from the lake high in the north in Dierne Hrof all the way south down through Uyaraut to empty into the ocean. It is a fresh water river, but down through Uyaraut, the salt water does taint it. In places, parts of the river are underground and run through caverns unseen from aboveground.

Water buffalo grace these shores - with plenty of meat, though at a dangerous cost. Many river trout leap upstream daily.


You Won't See Me Die Here

Words could not explain how happy the Tamaranean Princess was. She was finally free to be with her beloved, Robin. They were free to be whatever they wanted, whomever they wanted. She was no longer his parents slave, she was free. They could be mates, they could have children, and maybe even a better life. She knew she could not outrun her own blood, she was the heiress of Tamaran, but if Tamaran was no more then she had nothing to rule. She'd always be a Princess though at heart and in the eyes of Robin. She was his Princess, his Queen. And maybe with luck, it being the season and all, they could begin their life here by raising their own children . . .

She watched as his pace slowed to her, her emeralds full of joy as she looked at her love. "Oh my beloved," She got goosebumps on her skin as he spoke to her, his words like music to her audits. She watched as he stepped forward, leaning against her with that big grin of his. She couldn't help but bean up at him, her emotions were always so expressive on her face. "Of course we can. We're safe here, aren't we? Nothing to run from, no one to please but ourselves. We can have a life here," She watched him sit beside her in the snow. "Come lay with me darling, let us rest before we have to find a home."

Her orbs looked out to the mountains again as birds fluttered and chirped through the trees. She put her head under his, nuzzling into his fluffy neck. "Or maybe we could find somewhere warm and begin our journey of making of the home." She looked up at him through her emeralds. Her plume wrapped around to his, attempting to twirl the two together. "If we are to make the home, should we not have the family?" She asked, before pulling her head back just a bit to lick his cheek.

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