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Garden of Shadows [auto music]

Have You Ever Heard A Sound So Loud As Silence?

Name: Grimm

Age: Unborn Pup

Gender: Brute

Breed: Gray x Arctic

Parents: Jack Skellington x Onai

Siblings: Dexter, Cato, Hecate

Appearance: Unhealthy. Deaf. He is a compact ivory boy like his brother, who will grow up to be equally strong and snow-loving. Black masks the lower half of his face, white only on the tip of his muzzle and on his jowls in a rough "teeth" pattern. Two large black spots sit above his eyes, like the empty eye sockets of a skull. His forelegs and shoulders are completely onyx, and this ink spills down his back until fading down the base of his tail. His eyes are bright yellow with flecks of orange.

Personality: Grimm is an interesting wolf. He's 100% deaf, though it really doesn't affect him. He maneuvers his world through vibrations and lip reading. To him, it's really quite simple. He hums to himself all the time. Though he can't hear it, and he's almost definitely tone deaf, he can feel his vibrations and its wonderfully soothing. Grimm communicates via lip reading. Though he can speak, he isn't able to enunciate properly. He's a very quiet boy, usually only talking in short sentences, mostly to avoid repeating himself when other's don't understand him. Grimm prefers to spend his time alone as well. Ironically, he likes the silence. Apparently, it's extremely tiring having to constantly decipher the vibrations of the world. The brute's safe place quickly becomes the forests of the mountains, or anywhere else with snow. Snow makes the world quiet, absorbing all the unnecessary background "noise". He is happiest when he is with mother nature and will generally study plants and healing abilities, strengthening his mind. The rest of his time he builds his physical strength. Something inside of Grimm is not quite right however; he is quite restless as a pup. We shall see how this boy develops.



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