Re(1): The Post

Thanks. Hope they sue. Iíll hire joe knows Stanley.

Could say us liberals get what we deserve. Iím glad to know more about issues than football...glad I donít blame Exxon like the Post people want. Not interesting to them. They read ? They should take refresher classes on reality. They think Exxon produces 90% of the worlds oil. So they write from this false narrative. They reasearch with this false narrative. So the stupidity grows into...drill baby drill is evil, and wonít work till we all drive EVs and drive on wooded roads, ( 4% of a barrel of oil goes into asphalt ) . Why no story to ease the hate for fossil fuels and divesting? We will always need it. Us liberals can always cut back on your electric windows and locks and remote entry, pearl paint etc. Content directors and editors here in CNY and reporters donít learn this from their copulating professors at SU. That is why we did the David Rubin lie and email. Not cool to be more educated in energy Han the professsor with a big ego like mine. Wished more people went after the media....

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