Glaesfaet Sceawere is the name gifted to the mother river that flows through the center of Blossom Forest, bringing life and sustenance to all of the lands. It breaks off in many places, giving birth to smaller streams and estuaries, but the main body flows from the lake high in the north in Dierne Hrof all the way south down through Uyaraut to empty into the ocean. It is a fresh water river, but down through Uyaraut, the salt water does taint it. In places, parts of the river are underground and run through caverns unseen from aboveground.

Water buffalo grace these shores - with plenty of meat, though at a dangerous cost. Many river trout leap upstream daily.


Lost in the Echo

My Philosophy is that Worrying Means You Suffer Twice


The young rainbow had not been out on his own since he had met Vladimir, and he was both nervous and excited. He knew about the connection that he had with his Oferweder and that if anything were to happen that the Tempest would sense it and would come to his aid. But he also knew that vampires could be out and about so he decided that he would have his adventure take place during the day, that way it was safer. Scamander had always been the curious type, about all things in the world, so he was excited to go out and explore. When he had first stumbled into Blossom he had been in the mountains, so he decided that it was time to explore a new area. Emerald green paws padded through the trees, passing over the borders of the pack he had been living in with Vladimir, and he heard the sounds of a stream. He decided that he would follow the water and see where it takes him. His mismatched orbs lit up with excitement when he saw the life that was swimming through the river he found and he excitedly followed it, not realizing that he was about to run into his friends.

After some time, the familiar vocals of Zawyne reached his dark green ears, and the perked at the sound. His purple hued plume began to wag at the prospect of seeing her, and her sister, and he quickly went to follow the sound. Could they really be here? He was lucky that he had been close enough to hear the call, and an excited yip escaped the male when he saw the familiar rainbows. He quickly ran to greet Zawyne and Losa, happy to be able to feel the touch of another being. Even though they were not blood related like the two sisters, they were like older sisters to him. Especially after they had been there to save all the captured rainbows. Losa reached down to lick between his ears, and the young male smiled up to the other rainbow. “Oh dear one, we’re glad too! You all were so brave . . . please tell me no one has tried to harm you here.” His orbs focused on Losa’s words, shaking his head at her words. ”No not at all! I found my protector, so I’m safe! Have you guys found your protectors yet?” His gaze turned to each sister, wondering if they had been lucky enough to find their own Tempests here. His purple and yellow gaze flickered to the other Tempest that was with them, maybe he was one, or both, of their protectors? Losa had been happy with her lookover of him as she went on to speak once more. “Hmm . . . nothing broken, apparently. Have you found any other Tempests?” His muzzle widened into a smile at her words. ”Yes! His name is Vladimir. He brought me to his pack and I met his soulmate and everything.”

The pup’s head turned at the sound of another wolf coming, and he smiled when he saw Adara. The female Tempest greeted him, and the other Tempest, and asked who the others were. Scamander smiled and wagged his plume in greeting to female. He noticed how Losa stepped protectively in front of her sister as she introduced them to Adara. The silvery tempest approached with a smile on her kissers, but she froze suddenly, her bright blue orbs focused on Zawyne, as if there was something special going on between them. Was she her guardian perhaps? “We are Losa and Zawyne.” The femme smiled to the two rainbows, but her focus was more on Zawyne than Losa. ”Losa, Zawyne, it is nice to meet you both. Zawyne…I…I am you’re Ofer. I’m glad to have found you.” Her smile widened as she took a step closer to Zawyne, but then stopped again as Losa continued her speech. “Are you Scamander’s guardian? Have you seen any other Arcus Irae? We’re missing a few of our party . . . I know they’re here, and I know they’re alive, but . . .Their names are Vera, Fallon, Nyla, Fairuz, Eros . . .I lost them. They were counting on me, and I lost them all.” When Losa spoke about all the other Arcus Irae that were still missing, a whine escaped Scamander, surely the rest of them were safe? But it was not Losa’s fault. If it was not for her and her sister, then they may still all be held hostage by the Tempests that had been under Duma’s reign. Surely Losa realized this? His gaze turned back to her, wanting her to know that none of them would be safe without her. ”But Losa, you and Zawyne saved us and brought us here. We would still be trapped there without you two.” Adara’s features softened when she saw how upset Losa was, and though she had no special bond to the other rainbow like she did with Fallon or Chimera, she still felt bad and wanted to comfort her. ”Losa, I am sorry that you are missing some of your friends, but I am sure it is not your fault. I know Fallon and Chimera are both okay, I have met them and am their guardian. My half-brother, Vladimir, is guardian over Scamander as he said.” She smiled to the male rainbow as she spoke of him as well.

So much was happening and Scamander’s plume couldn’t stop wagging, the bright purple color blurring with his excitement to se his friends. Then the group was joined by two more Arcus Irae, Fairuz and Vera. Vera was quickly followed by another brute, this one neither Arcus Irae or Tempest. ”Fairuz! Vera!” He ran forwards, embracing both of them in his excitement to see them again. He was surprised at how many wolves had come out, and while he was glad to see everyone, when he realized how many wolves were present it became overwhelming. Where was Vladimir? Was he coming? Where were the rest of the rainbows? Were they all also safe and on their way too? And were there more Tempests as well that would make their way to the group? He realized that the gathering could very quickly grow to be even larger than the group that was here. Feeling slightly overwhelmed by everything that was going on, the colorful pup decided to take some air, and with a look to Losa and Zawyne, hoping they would understand that he would be back to the princesses and the rest of the group, he bolted for the trees. Adara’s face looked in confusion at Scamander’s fleeing emerald and purple form, wondering if he was all right. She knew that Vladimir was not here at the moment, so decided to go and check on him. ”I’ll go check on Scamander. We’ll be back.” Her bright blue orbs focused on Zawyne for a moment, making sure she knew she would be right there to protect her, before she too turned into the trees to follow after the pup.

OOC: Scamander and Adara are out for a while! They’ll return to whatever rainbow/tempest threads that are going on in February <3

Picture credit to the incredibly talented Pompeii!


**Scamander**Arcus Irae Titan**Pup **Protected by Vladimir**Violet**


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