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*lets the babies out to play*

I am throwing Pandora and Lucifer in. I figured I'd let the non-baby having ones come out that also aren't part of any larger plots yet.
Also, for anyone who gets one of my babies, I am willing to give a copy of my tables for them. <3

Pandora aka Panda
She is a Tempest, fur as white as snow with black "cracked smile" looking markings across her lips. Her eyes are the typical Tempest blue, and she of course hates Vampires.
She typically secludes herself and wallows in sadness of how she isn't wanted. Aindreas is her father, her mother left when she was only a pup, her only remaining sibling in Blossom is Drizzt. She has not found her bonded Arcus Irae and has found her soulmate was Raz, but decided instead of perusing him to instead avoid him, thinking he is too weak to care for and protect himself so he cannot care for or protect her.

He is a vampire, typical bloodsucking fiend with red glowing eyes. His pelt is mainly white with brown and black on his back, face, tail and shoulders. He is not a committed guy and is very sadistic in his ways, following in Lucayas footsteps closely. He is very full of himself, cocky, and also has Lucayas typical "If you don't fear me I will give you a reason to fear me." attitude.
**He does have to feed, but I will be taking care of that with rolling requests so it shouldn't be a big deal.

As for the length of the event, I think two months would be enough time. I did not seem to have much muse the last time, or even the time to post Nim, but my writers block typically is gone after a few weeks at the longest. Plus my girl Motionless had only one thread and no replies, so time may be an issue. A full season seems a little too long, at least in my eyes. Once the month was coming to an end I really was itching for my character back.
So in my opinion, two months sounds good. <3 <3 <3

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