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Tyger, tyger...

Great Plains wolf

Namurr is not yet fully grown, yet it's abundantly clear he will fill out to become an impressively muscular titan - complete with a thick neck, broad chest, and powerful limbs. His pelt gleams a sunny blonde, which darkens to deep caramel along his saddle and pales to a soft tawny color along his underbelly, throat, and face. Cinnamon-russet brindle his coat throughout, thickening to a striking tabby-like pattern on his handsome face. His eyes hold furious olive-green fire.

Namurr grew up in a pack where family was absolutely everything. He worshipped his fearsome father, and though every pack member enjoyed a polyamorous relationship, it was clear each member loved one another equally. He would put down his life to defend them, and they all would do the same for him... and sadly, one day, they did. Or at least, that's what Murr believes. He never found them after a shattering glacier separated them, and he was not aware he'd wandered into Blossom Forest until he reached the point where he couldn't turn back.

He is promised to Craiasa.


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