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P U R P L E S M O K E & C A N D Y S K U L L S

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Name: Acid

Age: Teen

Gender: Female

Parents: Hocus Pocus (Deceased) & Fenix

Siblings: Full Blooded; her brother Axle, Half blooded; Drizzt and Pandora

Significant other: She's a flirt, just like her mother, except she doesn't sleep around with everyone. She's had many flings.

Pups: None

Best friend: Axle

Enemy: None

Rank: None

Species: Arctic

Description: Her base coat is the same as her mother's, ice white. She has black markings tracing her features on her face distinctly, tracing eyes, eyebrows, her head, and creases, with audits even outlined in black. Her whole head is outlined as well in obsidian and the markings flow down to outline her shoulder blades while a spot sits on either side of her muzzle. Her tail is painted completely in black up to her rump where along her thigh is brindled, where two long black stripes end on her mid body. Her paws are solid charcoal, a single spot above each one. Her fur is thick and soft, she stands quite short in stature but pretty lean. Her orbs are an acidic green, which is how she got her name.

Special Effects/Mutations: None

Special Marks/Scars: None

Personality: Acid is a very flirtatious girl, and often times it gets her into trouble. She loves psilocybin mushroom - Giving her hallucinations. She's a very spacey, giggly and happy kind of girl - Yet she has a total bad side that flips like a switch. She can be laughing one second and at your throat the next. She's very full of herself as well.

Biography: Acid has always been the favorite of her and her brother to Hocus. She grew very full of herself, never letting anyone speak badly about her. Her mother of course did not help her overload of self confidence, instead she helped boost it. When Hocus Pocus died, Axle and her decided they had to find their half siblings and their half siblings father to let them know of Hocusí passing, bringing them to Blossom.

Favorite Food: Boar

Favorite Plant: Psilocybin mushroom.

Introvert/Extrovert: Extrovert

Bond: Other wolves with similar interests in hallucinogens.

Flaw: She's always tripping

OOC: Metalhead

RP/Plot Availability: Anything! ~

Human Twin:

💀Teen 💀 Sister of Axle 💀 Heart 💀 Heir 💀 Home 💀 Metalhead💀

A c i d

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