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Couple things:

1. Her appearance in words is all right . . . but you should specify and change her facial markings to be more irregular tabby-like bands, rather than the perfect geometric stripes you have now. Her markings on her hindquarters are also similarly unrealistic - if you could fix her manip to make these less clean-lined, that would be fabulous. She can be brindled like Kirastasia - but even Kira's markings are smudged and imperfect, given her longer fur.

2. I commend you for finding that LSD acid is similar in structure to ergot - but it is NOT ergot. LSD and ergot are NOT addictive. Ergot is also extremely dangerous; its effects are not as similar to LSD as you think. It produces a violent psychosis and significant vasoconstriction. If Acid uses it as much as you say, her limbs could actually die. Ergot also produces convulsions and eventual loss of limbs.

TL;DR - she can't be addicted to ergot, or use it regularly at all, and her markings need to be fixed.

  • Fixed!! -
    Fixed!! -

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