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and at last i see the light

r a p u n z e l
unknown princess ,, child of delaria

name - - rapunzel

age - - adult

gender - - female

appearance - - beautiful long blonde hair. it's lush and fluffy, soft and it just makes her appearance all that more welcoming. her light green eyes always show kindness. she has darker russet brindles on her hindquarters and legs.

personality - - rapz is definitely a spirited girl. she's a strong minded sweetheart and never breaks a promise, no matter how big or hard the problem may be. she's one of those to never give up in her life. she has a fascination with the stars and with strange new lights.

breed - - timber

history - - when she was younger, rapunzel was taken from her home pack by a wicked old woman who wanted to get back at her parents. the old woman, named mother got gel, raised her as her own. however, when rapunzel met a young lad by the name of "flynn rider", she knew he would give her the adventure Shen as looking for. mother got gel found out and tried to kill flynn, but he came out as his name being eugene. rapz nursed him back to healthy as mother gothel died, and they ran off together to a new home.

ooc - - delaria

html by dante!

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