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Name meaning: Light

Age: Unborn Pup

Gender: Male

Parents: Ociana & Padfoot

Siblings: Hansha &

Significant other: To be found ~

Pups: None

Best friend: To be found ~

Enemy: None yet

Rank: None

Species: Arctic

Description: Takes after Padfoot. Had his mother not been a pallid queen, this boy would have been the same deep raven as his father. Instead, this lad is just a shade lighter - a soft matte charcoal that swallows light rather than reflects it. A collar of bloodless grey rings his neck, glistening a snowy white when the sun hits it. The underside of his tail is this same faint, faint grey, fading finally to ivory at the very tip. His eyes are his father's ashy grey with his mother's oceanic blue glimmering around the pupil.

Special Effects/Mutations: None

Special Marks/Scars: None

Personality: Hikari will become another warrior, loyal and fierce like his sister. He will be a troubled soul, often questioning himself.

Biography: To be written ~

Favorite Food: To be discovered

Favorite Plant: To be discovered


Bond: To be found

Flaw: To be found

OOC: Metalhead

RP/Plot Availability: Anything! ~

Human Twin:

  • Accepted! -
    Fix~ -

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