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name: Lyudmila
age: unborn pup
gender: female

appearance: Lyudmila takes after her mother most in shape, stature, and fur type - she is a lovely slender lass with a graceful, vulpine frame and delicately tapered features. Her coat closely hugs her aerodynamic body, fluffy at her banner and sleek everywhere else except her ruff - where some of her father's tundra influence slips in and her hairs wave thick and luxurious about her throat and nape. The color of fresh snow paints the majority of her canvas; the only place her mother's fiery palette reaches is in a messy splash of cinnamon-colored fur that masks her eyes and appears to dribble down the sides of her face. The large portals that see the world around her are her mother's stark ivory.

personality: Lyudmila will be a serious, cold-hearted machine intent on learning from her mother's expertise on herbs. Though she thankfully did not inherit Nimueh's incredibly breakable physique, she is still considerably delicate - never one who will be able to muscle her way through her problems.

breed: tundra x ethiopian (Kershov x Nimueh)


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