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ECSTACY needs a little fear

Name: Rakan

Age: Young Adult

Gender: Male

Appearance: Tall, muscular-slim, and handsome. Rakan acquired his mother's fiery orange-amber eyes. The black skin around his eyes only further lets them stand out. His body and coat resemble his fathers the most; clean, snow white with the exception of his few markings. Black dipped odd marking, mostly looking like an ink blob that spread from the bottom up with sharp corners and ends decorates his left leg. The rest of his paws are only slightly dipped-tinted at his toes in black, but fade cleanly into his snow white body. Slightly black-tinted muzzle adorns his dashing pearly smile. His coat is not perfectly fluffed like his father's; it looks moved in, a little messy.

Personality: unlike his twin or his father, Rakan is very... wild, to say the least. Free spirited, loud, silly. Often times, Rakan was referred to as his old packs "entertainer" for the tricks and jumps he liked to do on his free time.

His role was that of a fighter. Damn good but wouldn't make a very good leader when it comes to fighting and hunting because of his impulsive bursts, but always somehow got a job done.

He loved to charm the ladies with a few songs but didn't take his flirting too seriously.

Happy. Silly. Romantic. Strong.

He's all that and yet nothing...

Empty. He feels an emptiness inside of him. Though he may impress others, make them smile, run around with a giant smile on his face and laughter trailing after him, he still feels himself running in circles towards nothing.

Breed: Tundra/arctic wolf

History: His mother and littermates died when he was a very young pup, 3 weeks at most. The only surviving littermate was his twin and his complete and polar opposite. He spent his years with his father, Cody, whom he knew wasn't always around his mother and would come and go. Though his father taught him some skills and they looked very similar, Rakan grew to be a much more wild and free spirit. His father very often talked about this "perfect" place. As Rakan felt his emptyness grow, he decided it was time for himself to experience this place.

OOC: Ranma

PS omg im so sorry for all the grammar mistakes and awkward writing, FINALLY had a burst of muse on a character and decided to type it out on my tablet lol

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