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black ocean, cold and dark

i am the hungry shark, fast and merciless

Name: Stella
Age: Unborn Pup
Gender: Female
Parents: Persephone x Alistair
Siblings: One brother (Azrael)
Appearance: She looks nearly identical to her father, with a red wolf's vibrant pelt - ash, cinnamon, cocoa, cream, and charcoal all dusting her fluffy robes. Her mother's smooth black splashes her muzzle, adds a single sock to her right forepaw, and brindles her flanks with thin, thin strips that reach toward her haunches. She has her daddy's deep blue eyes, with rings of of her mama's luminous cyan around the perimeter of the iris and a ring of white hugging the pupil. She is small for a female - and yet not a runt, for she'll grow to be a strong spunky thing perfectly capable of keeping up with her taller brother (even if she needs to take twice the amount of strides he does).
Personality: Unlike the tenderness and sweetness of her mother, this girl is stubborn, fierce, and dedicated. Stella will always try to prove her strength and worth, and will work hard to keep up with her sibling. She is a firecracker, always threatening to explode due to her quick temper. Stella will never be the one to hold her tongue, and is quick to put others in their place.
Breed: (Red x Gray wolf) x (Timber)
OOC: Kyleigh!

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