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So us liberal democrats are now fighting drilling in ANWR 1002area. Yet these same democrats drive the biggest SUVs in the world. Us liberals us 10 million barrels a day. This will stay the same till 2040. See energy graph in joes Blog. With problems in the Middle East etc you would think Senator Cantrell and congressman Defazio would get their facts right. He says we import 20 million barrels a day. And not one Democrat voter or reporter discovered this. But I am the stupid guy for wanting to secure our energy platforms. We are doing alternative platforms for energy needs. So saying we only have to go green as an panicles is a joke when these same people drive and support fully loaded all wheel drive SUVs and luxury sedans and hate anyone who sees ANWR as a safer place to drill than the Gulf. Hope our local democrats send letters to their representatives and hope we call for a town hall meeting by our DNC chairman as to why we are fighting not to secure our future energy needs. We argue, Im better smarter than you because I dont want to drill... liberals, give me a break. We get what we deserve. So buy a smaller car next time and we would not have to drill.

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