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Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let Down Your Hair

Other aliases; Flynn Rider

Age: Adult

Gender: Male

Parents: Deceased

Siblings: None~

Significant other: He is a charmer, but his eye is caught by Rapunzel.

Pups: None yet

Best friend: Rapunzel, though he hates to admit it sometimes.

Enemy: None yet

Rank: None

Species: Timber

Description: A smooth, dark chocolate brute. His limbs however ombre down, from a tan, to cream, to ivory. His frame is well built, lean and muscular with the softest fur you can imagine. He prides himself on his looks, so he keeps his pelt clean. His body is splattered with black here and there, the dark colors making his soft brown eyes.

Special Effects/Mutations: None

Special Marks/Scars: None

Personality: Eugene is a sort of calm and cocky type. He has and sort of cold demeanor to him when you first approach, but if you can crack that shell you'll find an actually decent, caring guy. He thinks on his feet and somehow always knows how to get out of a situation.

Biography: Eugene was an orphan, kept with his kingdom's other orphans to be adopted. He entertained them all with stories of a hero named Flynnigan Ryder, a rich, dashing fellow. The others loved it of course, and he began to want the life of this Flynnigan Ryder. He set out on his own eventually, and took on the alias of Flynn Rider. He wanted solitary, money, and began seclusion himself. Eventually all he wanted fell away as he met Rapunzel, and she seemed to take to his lifestyle. Her mother found out about him and attempted to kill him - And she almost succeeded. Little did she know she had been poisoned, and quickly fell ill and died. Rapunzel nursed him back to health and they've been on the run since.

Favorite Food: Boar

Favorite Plant: Sunflowers

Introvert/Extrovert: Both

Bond: ~

Flaw: Overly confident.

OOC: Metalhead

RP/Plot Availability: Anything! ~

Human Twin: Flynn Rider AKA Eugene Fitzherbert

.Adult . Home . Falling for Rapunzel . Children . Metalhead .


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