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My Soul Is Meant For The S T A R S

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Name: Axle

Age: Teen

Gender: Male

Parents: Hocus Pocus ( Deceased ) & Fenix

Siblings: Full Blooded; Acid, Half Blooded; Drizzt and Pandora

Significant other: None, he's had flings off and on but never anything serious.

Pups: None

Best friend: Acid

Enemy: None

Rank: None

Species: Arctic

Description: Axle takes after Hocus’ fathers genetics. His base coat is solid black, white bringing out features of his face, lining his outer lower fur and trailing down his chest. A swirl of white stems off of that on both of his sides. His ankles are marked in white stripes that turn into a v shape while a single round spot dots his head. His eyes are a vibrant purple and his frame is thinner than most but still lean and fit.

Special Effects/Mutations: None

Special Marks/Scars: None

Personality: Axle is very different yet very much the same from his sister Acid. He is flirtatious as well, taking anything he can get when it comes to a female's attention mainly. However, he's also seeing himself as an alien like being after Hocus treated him the way she did. He doesn't find himself as “normal”. He's protective, curious, and has a heart of gold if you're lucky enough to get his attention.

Biography: Axle has been through hell when it comes to his past. Hocus had alienated him from his sister all for his black coloring - It being against her old clans rules as they were all pure white arctic wolves. His coloring stemmed from Hocus’ own father, who got her mother killed by the clan and her and her sister Blackmoon sent off. His sister Acid has the white pelt, so Hocus played favorites. Once Hocus passed, Axle felt free as a bird, but he also felt low. What was he to do now? His sister convinced him to accompany her to Blossom to find their half siblings father and half siblings themselves to inform them of their mother's passing.

Favorite Food: Hare

Favorite Plant: Bleeding Heart

Introvert/Extrovert: Extrovert

Bond: Outcasts like himself.

Flaw: He literally views himself as an alien.

OOC: Metalhead

RP/Plot Availability: Anything! ~

Human Twin:

✨Teen ✨ HeartHeirHome ✨ Alien Boy ✨ Metalhead✨

A x l e


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