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Name: Lazarus
Age: Unborn Pup (Starfire x Robin)
Gender: Male
Appearance: Pup two: male. Healthy. Takes after both. Slightly shorter than his brother - but not by much, hovering in the usual range for a male maned wolf. He has also been painted the traditional palette of a kalak: brilliant orange-russet with black legs, muzzle, and capelet between his narrow shoulders. His mother also blessed him with a star in the middle of his brow, along with an additional spattering of white freckling his muzzle. His father's leucism is far more obvious in this son; rather than faint white ticking sprinkling his strong limbs, this prince has been splashed with snow - great irregular patches of ivory disrupting his otherwise onyx stilts, dusting some toes white in the process. The white stripe trickling down his mother's chest has widened into a full blaze that strokes the entire underside of his neck, terminating at his chest. His eyes are a deep, dark green, not unlike winter pine needles.

Personality: Daring, confident, and straightforward. But most importantly, he is protective. His hospitality knows no bounds, and Lazarus is caring of all individuals safety, whether it be his family or a total stranger. He'll concern himself especially with his brother, Jekyll, however, due to his maddening state. Lazarus' flaw will be that, due to him always taking care of others, his own anger and hurt will fester internally, resulting in a explosive and extremely heated temper.

Breed: Maned Wolf
OOC: Kyleigh

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