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i have found so much beauty in the dark

Age:Unborn Pup (Ociana x Padfoot)
Appearance:Healthy. Takes after both. Her base coat is a grey so pale it looks nearly white - and only her truly white highlights brushing her brow, muzzle, and underbelly show this ashen shade for what it really is. Grey darkens to a handsome, stark black agouti - some of her brother's gentle charcoal and some of her father's liquid obsidian covering her back in a shadowy cape. Black trickles up the back of her head, paints the back of her ears, and skims over the bridge of her muzzle. Her eyes are an exact replica of her mother's beautiful blue.

Personality:In line to be a loyal warrior much like her siblings. Lyra is genuinely sweet and optimistic; this girl will attempt desperately to minimize the pain for her siblings that is bound to follow her mother's death. Throughout her young years, Lyra's kindness and compassion to others will often find this lass in trouble. Others will be able to take advantage of her, and while Lyra will always be aware of this when they do, her desperation to please will influence her to follow through anyways.

Breed:Grey x Timber

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