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This Christmas, I'll Burn It To The Ground

Name: Krampus

Gender : Male

Parents : Hel (Father), Mother unknown

Siblings: None

Significant other: He has never loved a soul, only taken them.

Pups: None

Best friend: ~

Enemy: Nearly everyone

Rank: None

Species: Gray wolf

Description: A very dark wolf, dark chocolates, blacks and grays run across him and blend together - such dark features only bringing out his fire like gaze. Reds, oranges and yellows mix together in his eyes to make them look almost like embers in the night. He has black markings across both sides of his maw that look almost like scars but aren't. Around his eyes are speckled in white.

Special Effects/Mutations: None

Special Marks/Scars: None

Personality: Krampus is a very evil, very brutal man. He finds joy in children, but not the way you may think. He loves taking those bitter and cruel children and beating them to a pulp into being good - some cases even eating them or keeping them for long periods of time to scare them into being good.

Biography: Krampus was raised by his father, being told that he was to be the one to change children's outlook on the world. He was a corrector. He was taught what to hunt for in children, what to do with the children, and then if they should be let free or not. He became the beast of Christmas, the thing children cried about in their dreams. The punisher. And he grew to hate Christmas.

Favorite Food: Water fowl

Favorite Plant: Holly berry's

Introvert/Extrovert: Extrovert

Bond: Children

Flaw: He's a murderer.

OOC: Metalhead

RP/Plot Availability: Anything! ~

Human Twin:

•Adult•Monster•Christmas Devil•HomeHeirs•Metalhead•



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