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time rots everything... even hope.

" booker, are you afraid of god? "

Age:Young Adult
Appearance:A muscular lace encases this tall boy, however, it is not bulky enough to slow him down. His eyes are of a deep and rich amber, a resemblance of sweet honey. His robes are a base of white, that is stained with occasional tan, as well as a heavy cape of obsidian.
Personality: Booker is an experienced soldier and spy who feels deep remorse for the wrongdoings of his past. He seems to be running away from them, desperate to forget the pain that he's suffered and to erase his debts. A stranger's first impression of him may be that he is solemn and extremely serious, but once they get past the walls he's built around himself, they will find that he is caring and extremely devoted to his loved ones.
OOC: Kyleigh

" no, but i'm afraid of you. "
[demon .x. of age .x. shattered soul .x. deserter .x. controlled by kyleigh]
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