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Name: Ronan
Parents: Grey Wind && Macaria
Age: Unborn Pup
Gender: Male
Personality: Ronan is quiet, subdued, content to sit back and watch the ongoings of things rather than take part in them. He catches little details about others, a slight tilt of the head. a tone change. He is completely in tune with everything, and everyone around him. This will make him desperate to please others, and as he grows older, and learns that he can not, he will withdraw. He will speak seldom, and will instead find himself a job within his pack, and throw himself into it, he rather work than interact. As he grows into an adult this will make him anxious when he must encounter people, which will reveal his stutter, and make him even more withdrawn.
Description: A Healthy boy, this champ is fully black with a light grey agouti undercoat. His eyes are a vibrant yellow color with an orange rim.
Breed: Grey x Timber

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