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Name: Catriona
Parents: Ghost x Motionless
Age: Unborn Pup
Gender: Female
Personality: A sweet girl who loves her dad, Ghost is Catriona’s role model for everything she does in her life, because her mother is not present, she will adore, almost worship ghost, even into adulthood, aspiring to earn his affection and approval for even the smallest things that she does
Description: She takes after her father. She'll be larger for a female - but her grand size will present itself as noble and impressive rather than bulky or ungraceful. She'd either make an excellent hard-hitting warrior or a loving gentle giantess. Her luxurious fur is a lovely pale shade, though more on the creamy eggshell spectrum and less on the cold snowy side, giving her a warmer appearance than either her mother or father. Her left eye is her father's ruby red, while her right eye has been bisected into two colors: ruby on the top and her mother's acid yellow on the bottom.
Breed: Arctic x Dire

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