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December Contest!

The holidays are coming up – and gosh darn it, I want to do a contest if it kills me. Spread that winter cheer! Give us something to look forward to and enjoy while the sun collapses beyond the horizon at six pm leaving us to wallow in depressing darkness!

Starting today and ending on New Year’s, Blossom Forest is having a playlist contest. [Cue whistling and screaming in the background.] Here’s your chance to share your tunes and show other players what reminds you of the site – or what inspires you to write those epic characters. The overall theme of this initial contest is simply Blossom Forest as a whole—the world and all the characters in it.

Some guidelines for you to follow:
1. Playlists must be set up on YouTube, SoundCloud, 8Tracks, or Spotify – somewhere we can actually listen to the hard work you’ve put together.
2. Come up with a cool name for your playlist. It should be something better than “Blossom Forest Tunes”
3. Playlists should have a minimum of 10 songs and a maximum of 15
4. These can be any kind of song! Instrumental, alternative, you name it.
5. You can create your own “album artwork” to fit your playlist, but it’s not necessary! In fact – there will be separate voting for album artwork that anyone can submit to.
All playlists should be submitted to me or Azura via pm on Discord or through the admin email (listed at the top of the OOC page). We’ll create an anonymous list everyone can vote on and post it to the OOC board of the site. We will also showcase the choices for album artwork the same way.

But I know what you’re really interested in . . . prizes!
For this contest, first place will get their choice of one Tulip OR Iris tier prize, with the addition of one Lily or Daisy tier prize.
second place will get to chose from the Iris OR Lily tier prizes, with the addition of one Daisy tier prize.
And third place will get to choose from the Lily OR Daisy tier prizes.

Good luck and happy music hunting!

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