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If you are requesting a character list, please see the note in the footer of the board.

All names from this point on must begin with an A-Z character. (Symbols and numbers are permitted within the body of the name, but not as the first character. Names already registered that begin with a symbol or number can remain as they are recorded...this is just to prevent any further names being registered with a symbol or number at the beginning).

Please check the members list and report any errors or ommissions to this board.

This name registry will be used to keep the members list up to date, as well as to try and prevent disputes over names. Note: Only newly joining non-mythical characters need register on this board. For mythicals and special permission characters, name registry information will be taken from the mythical registry. For any pups born on the mountain, name registry information will be taken from the breeding board. If your character should die or if you are permently leaving Wolf Mountain, please report so here so those characters can be removed from the members list.

To register, please post a message with the following information:

Character Name:
Character Side (good, neutral, evil):
Character Species (wolf, eagle, panther, etc):
Date of Joining (for this char):
E-mail address (optional**):

Please make yourself aware of the rules before joining and role-playing. If you are new to role-playing in general, we advise you to read Wolf Mountain's Guide to Role-Playing.

**PROVIDING YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS IS COMPLETELY OPTIONAL. If you wish to provide it, your e-mail address will be added to the alphabetical members list to allow other members to contact you. THIS IS DONE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Your e-mail will be available to anyone who visits this site. WOLF MOUNTAIN TAKES NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY MISUSE OF E-MAIL ADDRESSES.

Please check back on the board to make certain your post is confirmed, or to respond to any possible problems. New players please be aware that you do NOT need to wait for a reply to begin roleplaying a char...just be aware that should problems arise with your char before it has been officially recorded (such as an already used name), you will need to adjust it as soon as you learn of the problem.


Once you are done with the form for your character, you can immediately start roleplaying. There is no need to wait for a staff member to accept the form, just check back to see if someone has responded with any issues but you're pretty much good to go as soon as you post in this board.

Posting is simple, extremely simple in fact. At the middle or top of the page should be a link or button that says 'Post Message'. Once you've clicked that, type up your roleplay or chat in the box. Above the box is three typing fields. In 'name', do not type your name, put in your character's name that you are playing. 'subject' can be anything you want, you can explain what you're character is doing in a few simple words or take note of what others are doing with that option. You can be really creative with it, the subject field will appear as the link wording once you post. 'email address' is optional, that is only if you want people to contact you through emailing. If you do not want to reveal it or you're a bit iffy, leave it blank.

Joining a Pack
At the main pages of Wolf Mountain, there is a link that says 'packs'. Click that and there will be a list of pack banners that corrispond with the their territory and alphas. Though let me tell you, most of the wolves on those banners aren't the alphas of those packs anymore and the images are outdated but soon to be updated with the current leaders. When you post, actually play your character! Saying 'black wolf with purple eyes' isn't what someone can respond to. Here's a bit of an example of what the leader could respond to with their own character:

The black canine padded along the terrain, following the scent of pack members and dominance. Her purple eyes scanned the territory, glittering as they searched for the alpha or any type of life.

Something like that. Don't switch between OOC and IC in one sentence. It makes it very confusing for everyone. Also as a note, make it that your character is at the border or near it, the alpha of the pack may or may not take kindly to random strangers waltzing into their territory. If you're doing it for plot or that's just how your character is, go ahead and cross those markers.

Chatting and OOC
The hunting board is mainly where you chat with others and ask questions. You can roleplay there as well.

Welp, that's all i can really say or remember to remind any guests of. Hope that helped!

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If you request a character list, the standard disclaimer applies, in that the list I provide may include chars which are not yours, or be missing chars which are played by you (due to IP errors & similiarties). Also note, while I have no objection to providing a list on rare occasion, I am NOT the record keeper for your chars. I suggest if you request a list, you save it in some location. If I have the same people repeatedly asking for character lists over and over, I will stop providing the information they requested to them. I'm sorry, but you are responsible for your own characters.
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