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So I went to the gym last Saturday, did a lot of multiply quarter squats. I am 5'10 and up to about 305 lbs of breathing heavy fatness. I'm trying to lean my way down to about 250-260. I always seem to take notice of the people around me in the gym. There are always hot bodies to look at in the gym so I rarely miss a workout.

The locker room always seems to have 2 or 3 people in it in various states of undress. I checked out this one RAW lifter, red shorts and curly black hair. I was envious because he was hung as a horse. The RAW guys always have the bigger dicks I don’t know why. This RAW guy had a massive chest and arms with tattoos. Hot, latin looking. As I undressed he didn't seem to take notice of me, oh well. He's good eye candy.

I took off my clothes and wrapped a towel around myself to hide my tiny penis, grabbed some water from the fountain and walked into the steam room. There were two lifter guys in there at the time. One overweight multiply guy covered in sweat. He looked like he was trying to bake off his weight rather than work it off. Balding, sweating and fat pouring off half the bench. He looked over at me for a moment when I walked in but then turned his head back to look at the RAW lifter guy.

The fat multiply guy happened to be in that "cruisy" spot. The type that kinda looks over into the showers. You can basically see a figure through the wavy plastic wall that divides the showers.

The RAW guy has his eyes closed and was leaning back when I walked in. Now this RAW guy was hot. I couldn't really tell how tall he was because he was sitting down, he looked about 6'2. His massive chest was clean with tan abs leading down to his waist. I could even tell from where I was sitting that he had one of those large dicks that just begs to be sucked by a multiply guy.

The strange thing is his towel sat next to him and he was wearing a pair of hot, white boxerbriefs. Just from the look of the bulge in his hot shorts the RAW lifter must have been pretty big.

I sat down in the corner by the door and leaned back into the corner. This gave me a good view of the RAW guy sitting on the other side of the L shaped benches. As I sat there and watched him he reached up and rubbed his hand across his chest and down his abs. Sliding the sweat from his body. All it did was make him glisten more in the dim light. Opening his eyes he looked directly at me and started wiping the sweat from his shoulder, down his arm.

I was wishing the RAW guy was interested at this point, so I stretched with one arm out and my opposite hand behind my neck. He smiled and closed his eyes still rubbing across his chest.

I guess the big fat multiply guy got too hot at that, he stood and left the sauna heaving heavily for the showers. After the door closed behind him, sexy RAW guy shifted his position a little bit, stretching his legs out a little farther. I was uncontrollably excited to suck RAW lifter cock.

As I sat there I wondered if he was a buttplug lover like me or just too nervous to make a move. We baked a little while longer and I decided it was time to see if he wanted to just play cat and mouse. I got up and walked over to the shower, wondering if he was going to follow. The fat gear guy was gone so I had the place all to myself. Sure enough just as I was rinsing off I heard the water turn on next to me. Looking through the wavy plastic I could see the sexy RAW lifter’s outline doing the typical `washing his stomach' using lots of soap. I almost laughed as this is the typical scared' guy who wont make the bold gay move. A gorgeous guy too scared to make a move on my fat ass.

After rinsing off I shut off the water and stepped out. There were no curtains so I could see him looking directly at me. The RAW guy’s legs were massive his chest was amazing, and those arms.. a flat stomach that led down to his large cock. I looked him in the eyes and smiled, then wrapped my towel around my waist again to hide my small penis.

Returning to the sauna I sat down. I saw the RAW lifter reach for his towel and then start walking out of the shower area. Looking through the window of the sauna he saw me there and I gave him a wickedsmile. He paused for a moment but walked away. At this point I was confused. I decided to make a move. This RAW guy was hot.

Walking in I sat down close to the RAW lifter in the locker room.

Even after all this the RAW guy wouldn't make a move.
Laughing to myself, I looked over at him. "I like this locker room." I said to break the ice.

"yea I really like lifting at this gym." He responded.

My hardon was raging now and I know he could see it.
Standing up, I went over to him. The RAW guy shoved me back and said loudly “get back you multiply fag!”

I was so embarrassed at the rejection I ran away crying.

Gathering my emotions I decided not to give up. The other obese geared guy was still in the gym I said to myself.

I will cut to sweaty multiply homo sex. The other multiply guy had no problems doing it with me. We headed for the locker room. He had already spotted me earlier and was ready for shitty homo multiply butt plugging.

He grabbed my cock through my briefs and started rubbing along it.

I reached down and started licking his chest while feeling his arms. His soft moans told me he was enjoying it. I worked my way down his fat stomach and moved the towel aside. His multiply cock must have been 4 inches and standing straight up. As I licked around his fat close to his cock it pulsed at me leaking where I had just licked. I moved down to his inner thigh, running my hands across his pencil legs and my tongue on the inside of his leg.

By this time he had lost his grip on my rolls of fat because of my position and leaned back moaning.

I quickly ran my tongue up the underside of his 4 inch shaft and swallowed his cock. I could taste his leaking cock. Sweet and hungry. As I moved up and down on his cock I ran my hands up his sides feeling his mass there as he moaned. Trailing down I felt the sides of his queer ass.

Now I was leaking all over the place and he was getting close because he pulled me off and looked me straight in the eye.

I told him to stand up and he did. I wanted to feel him all over. I started in front of him at his chest and sides. Running my hands down his arms I felt his triceps. With my cock pulsing I moved around back and he spread out his arms as I felt his upper back.

Pushing him up against the wall I felt his hot ass.
I pressed up against him rubbing my dick in his ass. He said he doesn't get fucked, and I kind of laughed saying "but you will today, you are way too passive to be a top."

I pushed gently into his ass and he pressed up against the wall away from me.

"Relax" I said "feel the heat from the sauna all over your body". That seemed to work as he relaxed his hole.
I slid in a little bit and felt him wince. "Feel the heat" I said again not moving. I was trying to give him a chance to relax. All the sudden he decided what he wanted and pushed back hard onto my dick. I felt it completely engulfed in his ass. He grunted and squeezed hard on my dick. I thought I was going to cum right there. He sat there and breathed for a moment, then started to relax.

I started moving in and out of him hitting his button each time. Everytime I hit he would moan "ugh" and shake a little. I knew I was close so I picked up the pace until he was getting louder and louder. All at once I felt my cock pulse and start shooting deep into him and just as I did I felt his ass contracting on my dick to matching my pulses as he came with me.

Breathing heavily we stood there till both of our legs were shaking. I pull back out of his shitty hole, rubbing his upper back. Pulling his underwear back on I said "time for a shower" and he followed me back out.
I finished my shower first and walked back out, and walked to my locker. A few people were milling around the locker room in various states of undress. I had my lustful eyes on the RAW guys.

The fat, quarter squatting geared guy and I exchanged phone numbers and sweetly kissed.

I hope to see this geared sweetie again when I’m back in the gym doing my geared quarter squats.

Thanks for reading.

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