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Anyone with time on their hands is welcome to help take orders.

As a reminder, no one is to use any coding found on Castlegraphic's site. This user has been blacklisted for unacceptable behavior - but luckily there are plenty of sites where you can find free tables for your use! Helpful sites can be found
Here at rpg-gen.com,
Here for some free templates,
Here and here for tutorials!
Anyone is capable of doing their own coding with practice and resources you can find online! ♥



Lay down, the threat is real

Let my voice be heard. The caws of my crows ring through your ears. And know that this will be your death.

She laughs in the face of death, because she is your reaper. Stand strong or lay weak at her paws, you will not survive. Realize this now and forever rest in peace.


When her sight goes red again

~ Lucyne ~ Diosa, Kel, Leviathan ~ Queen of Caidir Olc ~ Lustful ~ Alesana ~

Table Credit to Morgin <3

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