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Rini's one and only guess ^-^

"My name in which you all shall seek" - were looking for a wolf
Aner means male animal or now it's been broken down to male insect, but alas, were looking for a male wolf
I belong to a breed of neither white no black - Meaning the wolf is not solid of either color so it knocks out any wolf that is fully black or fully white.
Though I am bonded to one, a true mate I do lack - we do have a lot of multirelation wolves, this one more than likely doesn't, it's heart is set on one that it wants to woo before just saying it's his mate.
it is bare of timber and has the bare earth exposed. I see this as where the wolf lives. So only a few places on blossom are baren of trees, but also have earth exposed.
And if you come to my home the two of us may talk. This makes me believe that it's an alpha since it says my home.

So to conclude, it's not the Pack Uyruant where Kershov is the alpha, He was once bonded and true mated to Queen (I do believe) but she is gone. Though Kershov is from my understanding an Onyx wolf completely so he does not fit in to this.
It's also not a wolf of Wudubearo, since it's a forested pack. So Milo would not be the answer.
Deirne Hrof is also a forested pack, so Aindreas would also not be the answer to this.

That leaves us with Graes, the once Forested pack that saw nothing but blood shed and distruction. Now it's been stripped of it's trees, given a rocky earth baren landscape. It's alpha Siku is the likely choice since he is promised and bonded to Olya, the female he has to woo and show that she is no longer a captured slave. So my final guess



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