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Name: Aoife
Parents: Mabbit x Sako
Age: Unborn pup
Gender: Female
Personality: Aoife is a sweet, quiet girl who loves to play and explore.
Magical properties: Vipera pup
Appearance: Her limbs, underbelly, tail, and throat are splashed with her sire’s glossy black, as if she were wading through shadows. Above this sooty waterline, her fur fades to a dark slate grey, and finally a thin dorsal line of white that begins at her shoulders and ends at the base of her tail. Just like her mother, this fae’s face is freckled with shades of brown: chocolate, walnut, coffee, and even stray specks of bright caramel at the corners of her vibrant bleached-blue eyes. Black creeps along the edges of her ears. She too has been touched by the magic of Pit Vipers. Her limbs resemble the backs of Timber Rattlesnakes: an overcast base bifurcated by a vertical strip of terra cotta and overlaid by irregular blocks of black.
Breed: Grey Wolf x Himalayan

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