When MB said on the main page this week that my report was a 'sideways' view of the fixture he was referring to the fact that I spent most of the evening lying facedown under the table; hence the reference to Sassoon. This was not due to drink but to despair. It was the worst performance I have given in all the years I have been quizzing. Ashton encountered a couple of cockroaches in the toilet of the Fletcher Moss who claimed that they knew at least three of the answers I failed to get. With this in mind I have invited one of the roaches to take my place in the team Consequently, should you be faced with a diminutive figure waving its feelers at you resist the temptation to clobber it with a book and, instead admire its range of knowledge. In fact these little creatures may form a useful recruiting source for all teams wishing to improve their performance.


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