Perhaps changed most of all out of all of the packs is this place. It was stripped out of its forested home and now instead lays at the edge of an ocean. The vast sparkling eternity of the water lays to the south of the land, while the rest of the land is made of rocky outjuttings. Gone are the trees, and all that remains for greenery are the short shrubs that dot the paths in the rock, and the moss that grows thanks to the spray of the waves. Further toward the shore, barnacles are a plenty, and look to cut the pads of those who slip on the wet surface. These extend out into the water itself, and the tough land has multiple caverns scraped into it, providing ample dens for the wolves that live there. Depending on the tide, however, the lower caverns may flood, and the vicious swirling water may prove to be dangerous as there is a strong undertide ready to pull unsuspecting swimmers to their doom. Even the tide itself is powerful enough to push intruders against one cliff or another. The ocean does provide, however, plenty of food for those who brave the waters - there are many breeds of seals and sea lions, though the males that protect each of these are vicious and territorial. There are also turtles that come ashore to breed and to lay their eggs - both the adults and the eggs themselves can provide sustenance to the wolves. But they must take care - the water is deep enough to allow sharks to come to shore from the depths below. Those unwilling to venture the waves or wet their paws with the moist sand of the shore can find snakes and hares in the rocky outcroppings, but they must beware the Komodo dragon and other monitor lizards that perch upon the shore - they are swift and move in groups, not to mention they carry venom in their bite that causes immense pain, paralysis, and prevents blood clotting. This is not the land for the weak of heart or the weak at all really. This is Uyaraut - ‘The Diamond in the Rough’.



Be careful of what you touch lest the grave be what you lust

He took control and brutally shoved her to the ground, his paw keeping her pinned to the ground. Athene’s mind immediately thought through defense tactics, any way, anything that she could do to get out of the situation. If she leaned toward him tilted her abdomen down, it would slide his paw off of her - afterall, he would only be able to pin the back half of her. She could attack him with her back claws and kick him off of her. He was bigger yes, but only slightly. As as for stronger? Well that remained to be seen. But despite her mind screaming at her to escape, that this was a situation where she needed to regain control, she did nothing. She remained still and allowed him to take advantage of her. His furious need and lust had overwhelmed him, and while she had planned all along to go to him so that she could bear his pups, she had not meant for it to be like this. But he had showed up unannounced and drugged. He needed release, he needed for her to be his release… and she would provide him with that. So she remained still as he nuzzled her, invaded her delicate tissues with his cold snout and warmed breath. Though her body responded to him and the stimulation that his tongue provided, her mind was cold to it, her emotions not involved at all. Her flowered petals winked at his, a fresh batch of morning dew settled, readying her nether regions for his penetration. She could feel the heat growing in her own loins, her body’s way of preparing herself to create children, to ready her reproductive organs to create a healthy and supportive environment for his seed. But it was almost as if she was a third person privy to the experience and not directly involved in it herself. He had enough passion for the two of them, but why was she not participating? It was so different from their last coupling…

And then Kershov had flipped her over. He grabbed onto flesh and pelt and skin, anything that he could, and pulled at her until she was in the right position. And then he was pumping, his hips buckling against her, almost tentatively at first until he was fully within her, and then he put the pedal to the metal. He ravished her until finally she felt his seed fully fill her to the brim. He was almost in a haze, but everything that Athene experienced was crystal clear. She remained still, solid, stoic, and as soon as he dismounted her, she dipped her forend to the cavern floor, keeping her rump elevated - it was not to be sexual, not to tease him, but for mere logical reasoning. Gravity was a simple rule of nature, and it would give his sperm the best possible chance of navigating their way through her cervix, her uterus. But after that time had passed, she stood and turned to Kershov. He would be breathing heavily, no doubt, from his exertion, but she was calm and still. But past that… she was cold. Step by slow step, she neared him and stared at him, her gaze switching from one of his eyes to the other, a few times.

I appreciate that you have held up your end of our deal
You can count this experience to fully make the seal
And now that we are done, the joining of our fates
Feel free to turn around and leave through my den’s gates.

From now on, do me a favor, Kershov King
If by my den you ever would like to swing
Make sure you are clean and not otherwise sullied
I am not your pleasure doll meant to hold you in my gully.

Her vocals never once wavered, they were stoic and steady, monotone. Her monologue was a demand, not a question. It was a statement, something that was not open for debate. Athene certainly did not want to talk about what had happened, or rather, did not want to talk at all. She was strong, but if he pushed her further, she was afraid of what cracks may emerge. The timberess had accepted him into her den to bear her pups and nothing else. Why then, despite her outer shell, did she feel so hurt, so violated. She had been brought up to only ever mate for logical reasons - it had been why she was initially attracted to Kershov - he was the perfect specimen to breed with. And now that she had accomplished exactly that… why was she so upset? Why was she crying on the inside, screaming at him silently with tear falling down her soul’s face? Her armor was fully intact, but the damage was done - he had not meant her harm and yet his weapon had effectively wounded her most vital and fragile of organs - her heart.

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