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there's a bullet headed for your head

Name: Ruger
Age: unborn pup
Gender: male
Appearance: Healthy. Vipera. Takes after both. His base coat is a creamy white, same as mom, and when wind blows through his fur one can see this pallid shade hiding under the rest of his pelt. A hood of darker fur swoops over his head, neck, and shoulders, and spreads like a cape down his back—swooping down his sides and fluttering to end at his flanks so that his haunches and tail are pure white. Where this cowl touches his white fur, it is a warm chocolate brown; it quickly deepens to his father’s onyx so that his head, nape, and back gleam rich black. Sable paints either side of his muzzle. His mutation takes after his mother’s—a boy descended from the line of Pit Vipers. The earthen scales of a cotton mouth armor his limbs: beads of tawny sepia and mocha that beautifully complement the shades of his cape. His eyes are his father’s angry ruby red.
Personality: This boy will grow up thinking he's better than everyone, but as he reaches maturity in his adulthood, he will be cheeky, kind of an ass and a fighter.
Breed: Himalayan x grey
History: None yet but comes from Sako x Mabbit (now Kyoshiro)
OOC: Liberty

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