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excellent questions!

Thank you for your questions!

For general rule 6b - it is possible for ANY female wolf to die from childbirth if the dice are unkind enough to her. The health of the mother, as well as the health of the pups (unhealthy, healthy, stillborn, etc.) is rolled by staff. We will find a way to make this clear in the rules, and on the breeding board once it is in place!

Gen rule 16 has been changed to mention powerplaying AND godmoding.

Stealing: this is a great question and I can't believe we didn't elaborate? Any adult wolf may steal any other wolf of any age, unless a player has made it clear they do not want any of their characters stolen. Teen wolves may only steal pups - they cannot steal other teens or adults. This has been updated on the rules as well!

Bless you for your feedback, we only know what needs to be changed when you guys point it out :'D

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