i don't wanna die

By the time Aura got around to looking back at Bohdi, turning those penetrating blue eyes on her, Bohdi was staring at her, lion-like eyes aglow and her hands woven together beneath her chin in an almost begging or praying position. It was as much patience as she could muster, waiting for both Morgana and Aura to give her the okay to proceed, and although her top half was intent, her lower half kept wiggling in a half-dance of excitement. Finally, it seemed, it was her turn, and although she was dying to know what was going on between Morgana and Aura - they were both strong women, Bohdi suspected, the sort she would admire and perceived tension between them made her more than a little curious - but her ren took precedence at the moment. And besides, it wasn't really her business anyways. Even if she was dying to know...

"Hi, I'm dead," Bohdi blurted at last. "I mean, I'm Bohdi, and I'm dead. Or I was. Dead, that is. Now I'm not, obviously. I once was dead, but now am not." - she looked to Aura expectantly, and then continued. - "And I'm looking for the... thing. The..." - she looked at Morgana as if for help, but apparently found the answer without her - "WREN! The wren thingy. The kommandÝr told me she could not help me because I used to be dead. Even though I'm sure she would have helped if she could because the kommandÝr is good and strong and I like her very much..."

Bohdi trailed off, admiration for the goddess bright in her eyes. Then she shook herself and continued.

"But she told me to find a medium, and the medium I found is Lady Morgana, and then she found you for me. So... do you know?" she finished abruptly, panting a little from talking for so long and so exuberantly. Osulf, who had been hiding under the nearest chair since Aura's arrival - the goddess disturbed him more than a bit, perhaps on some instinctual level - cleared his throat. Bohdi blinked down at him, then back at Aura. She cleared her throat and said, "I mean, please-lady-goddess-dead-lady, can you help me?."

Osulf groaned.

blood is getting hotter, body's getting colder
i don't wanna die, so you're gonna have to


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