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2 Feb '20

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Fill the darkest night with a brilliant light

(Using $500 for unnatural hair color)

Name:Nerissa (Neri)
Biological Sex: Female
Eye Color:Light gray
Hair Color:Bubblegum pink
Hair style: Very long hair with natural large loose curls. Usually worn in two high pigtails.
Skin tone: Pale white skin
Wings: Bubblegum pink wings made of super soft cotton to look like large clouds! They also look a little big for her when she gets her full wings.
P&ND:Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Player Name:Renny
How I found out about Shaman: Fennic

Sample Post:
It's weird how quickly someone's life can be completely turned upside down. She never really realized just how quickly until this exact moment as she looked around her at the green grass and the small forest. She could have sworn that only moments ago she was on a pirate ship with Rivvy in the midst of a large storm. So why on earth was she suddenly in a forest? With a confused sigh she moved her hands up to her....wait a minute...

"Hands? I have HANDS?" She shrieked out as she held the foreign limbs up above her head. Just how in the world had two of her tentacles been replaced by human hands? Now she would just look super weird. She held them up higher and higher before something clicked in her mind. Slowly she turned her eyes away from the hands that remained above her head and trailed them down to the cute curvy torso and long legs that were somehow now attached to her head. "LEGS TOO? WHERE ARE MY TENTACLES?" Neri found herself at a complete loss. She cast her eyes towards the river before deciding to make her way towards it, only falling over once in all of her haste to see what she looked like. She turned her eyes down to her reflection in the water only to see a human face. Light gray eyes stared back at her from their spot within a soft oval face. Long pink locks done up in pigtails with large loose curls framed the shape of her head as she blinked in astonishment. She was a human now? What on earth had happened?

Her fingertips moved to the water, gently trailing along the outline of her reflection before the ripples caused it to disappear for only a moment. She closed her eyes, thinking that maybe it was all a dream. Maybe, when she opened up her eyes again she would be looking back into the face of an octopus, sitting upon Rivvy's shoulder. Her eyes slowly opened and she peered back down in the water, only for a still very human face to find her gaze. She sat in silence for only a moment before a large sweet smile spread across her lips. A giggle started from within her slowly becoming a full blown fit of laughter as she fell onto her back in the grass. "RIVVY! I AM SO DANG CUTE!" Her voice was gleefully sweet and full of innocence as she rolled over onto her stomach, her hands moving to gently grab a ponytail and feel just how soft the bubblegum pink locks were. "I've never had hair before. Or hands. Or feet. Or....oh my gosh! I have boobs!" She laughed as she looked down at her chest to see the curves. "Rivvy am I sexy like you now? She said as she looked up expecting to see her best friend. Her smile and face turned into a frown when she realized that Riviera wasn't standing anywhere near her. Helloooooo. Rivvyyyy. I'm talking to you!" Where on earth had that lady gone to? She was supposed to be here telling her how cute Neri had become! She stood up and looked all around her, peering behind every tree, turning over every rock, even reaching down into the chilly water to see if she could find her. Was she playing hide and seek? "Riv? She called out one more time to see if anyone would answer her. When no answer came she wondered if just maybe she was all alone in this new world.

Hi, I'm Nerissa!
and I'm SO excited to meet you!
image by GDJ at pixabay.com

Html by Fenn <3

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