Sorry, I Don't Undeerstand

KCMO 710 Talk, apparently, is a mess.

Greg Knapp was doing OK on mornings at KCMO. Cumulus decided to let him go, and moved Rob Carson to Kansas City.

Rob Carson was doing OK on mornings at KCMO. I liked Carson. After a year of working for pennies, Carson wanted a contract with KCMO, but Cumulus wouldn’t pay up.

Back to Knapp, and - - Tom Becka, a KMBZ re-tread. Two re-treads, I guess, who were also employed at radio minimum wage. Again, Knapp was OK, and Becka was…. tolerable, most days. Knapp and Becka were both abruptly terminated. Jeff Bolton and Chris Plante (I guess) were brought in.

Bolton appears to be a high-dollar temp, who is actually in the Kansas City studio. Plante is an “ain’t I cute” syndicated voice from who-knows-where. I say “I guess” on Plante, because KCMO was doing a who’s-on-first, host-of-the-day in Becka’s time-slot for a few weeks. They seem to have settled on Plante, at least for now.

What the hell is going on over there??? Bolton is an out-of-towner, who seems to have little knowledge of KC, and doesn’t have much to say about Kansas City. Plante is another syndicator, which is the LAST thing this radio market needs for mid/late mornings.



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