Re(2): Sorry, I Don't Undeerstand

Among you, you say we “oldsters” don’t understand “the new modern media world,” waste our time on a “nothing radio station,” and need to “get a life.”

I guess that new, modern media world you millennials and Gen X-Y-Zers are talking about must be inside a 4” by 6” cellphone screen, because you spend every waking moment of your lives with your faces pressed against those tiny screens.

My guess is, you will become the first self-eliminating generation of this nation, if not the world. Those of you who don’t die of car crashes or plunge into manholes while staring into your 4 x 6 media world will die of total inertia, never leaving your mom’s basement, never meeting someone else, and – dig this – NEVER BREEDING!!!

I’m not sure if breeding would even be possible while you are immersed in your 4 x 6 nirvana. And, that “breeding” question presumes you haven’t already pledged yourselves to one or more of the disciplines of LGBTQIA.

I hope I’ll live long enough to sit on a park bench somewhere and watch you kids finish things off…


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