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Well.. yes and no.
Bascially your timing increases with rpm you retard it with boost.
When you go WOT with a blower engine, you pretty much have full boost and from a tuner's point of view, you'd retard your timing.
So in a blower engine the ignition retards in the moment you open your butterflies as boost is there. So from your point of view, what you'd to, is to add timing in the time frame you go from idle to WOT, making things even more aggressive. Probably not something you want in an unl mod off the line, as it actually working against your "butt feeling" and throttle control. So bascially the opposite of traction control.
The turbo guys have the problem with a fixed timing (set to "safe under max boost") the engine is totally gutless until boost comes up. So they stand on the clutch, trying to get boost build and once it hits, the tires basically spin loose and there is no way they have much control over how they "smooth" into a run.
It's kinda like you having to run with a "digital" throttle, that hits anywhere between 5 and 20 feet and you having very little chance to influence it.


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