Fight For A Better Day

“Well I’d say it’s a start. I don’t know it if it’s all hot beverages but hot chocolates the way to go. I mean I don’t know much about women’s hearts or nothing but who doesn’t like hot chocolate when it’s cold out? It’s chocolate and it’s warm what’s not to like?” and if she could just stop talking now that would be great. She was smiling though even as she blushed a deeper red, she just couldn’t talk like a normal person though, could she? Normal people knew how to shut up and not makes fools of themselves. They were also probably used to opening their mouths more than Saffron was. She was quiet so much of the time everything just seemed to come tumbling out when she did decide to speak. It was going to get embarrassing if she couldn’t get it under control.

“I’m not much for rowdy,” she admitted though it wasn’t the only reason she didn’t go to the Stone Dragon with the other recruits. Saffron didn’t do well in crowd’s full stop. She tried to be friendly or well pleasant with the other recruits in her squad but they weren’t what you’d call close. Part of her figured maybe she wasn’t capable. Was too busy thinking and second guessing to drop that wall and trust someone enough to call them friend. Even now she was questioning wondering why he’d chosen her to talk to. It was another thing she couldn’t seem to help.

Taking the cup back she sipped some more of the chocolate; gods that was good. “Older, by about a year course that means he’s an authority on what’s best for me,” at least he was when he was around but that was neither here nor there. “He’s been gone a while now though, he likes exploring I guess,” she figured he’d got a taste for it after the first time he went looking for their mother. Not that she was about to even try and explain that to a total stranger; she wasn’t even sure where she’d begin.

“A great Occiva?” something like awe or surprise radiated off her, “Gods your lucky to be alive. I’ve only seen pictures but it’s not something I’d want attacking me. Not that I’d really want anything attacking me, but you get my point,” it was happening again; too many words. “Oh well if your cold I can do something about that. I mean not because I wanna see your scars. I mean I’m sure their impressive it’s just uh… cold and not being was the point,” she bit her tongue and held out the cup for him to take, “also what’s a fyren?” Rubbing her hands together she summoned sparks into her fingertips the way she’d seen her mother do a thousand times and to a much more impressive standard. Her fire magic connected her to her mother that was why she was out of practice with it; she’d hated using anything connected to her for so long. From the sparks she formed a small fireball and let it hang in the air keeping it there by concentrating on it. “It’s not much but should keep off the chill,” she smiled and shoved her hands into her pockets.

Saffron slowly turned a steady shade of tomato red and wished she’d left her hair loose so she could duck behind it but no such luck. “I uh… I don’t think I’m any kind of people. Not yet anyways. I wanna be one day,” she stammered useless and chewed her lip. The thought of turning out like her mother… a murderer who abandoned her children; well that thought made her sick. She couldn’t explain that though. Had never explained it to anyone, not even her brother.

Saffy nodded her listening as he explained about his family and how his mother knew Flynn’s. “Danny, well I know Dylan. Know isn’t really the right word. He’s a recruit as well; we’ve met, seems nice,” she grinned and shook her head, “Well it is Shaman weird kinda comes with the territory. I was born here most of my family were.” Saffron didn’t know about her father’s side Serafina had never talked about him. Her mother though, she was one of the four elemental quadruplets, one of the Mallos generation. She wasn’t really family though, family was the woman who for the most part had raised her. “I uh I lived with Nimueh… before well just before,” she didn’t like to use the words gone or died they made too much hurt. “My families complicated as well.”

Stand Up and Fight! Stand Up and See The Sky Turn Bright

photo by Shan Sheehanat flickr.com


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