Fight For A Better Day

Saffron doesn’t know what to make of this, this person, this event; any of it. There are too many questions swimming around her head that she doesn’t have to answer to. Why here? Why now? Why the sudden interest? It doesn’t make sense and not for the first time does she find herself hating her mother. Serafina never told them anything, she didn’t even know her father’s name. She’d been so little when her mother left them with Nimueh that she hadn’t really though or cared to push for answers. Up until the night she’d run off after depositing them on Nimmy’s doorstep Saffron had been happy; had thought her mother was too. Grayson had, had no answer either when they were older and she’d thought to ask him in case their mother had told him things. Of course, Nimueh knew nothing.

She’d never thought to actually meet her father and now here he was. All she could think was she should feel something, something more than what she did. Saffron did feel, a vague sense of disappointment maybe some anger but it felt like something was missing. This person was her father. She should feel, more shouldn’t she? Angrier, more upset, more something. Instead she just felt tired, hollow maybe it was her mother who’d done that to her, maybe it was losing Nimueh as well. The cause didn’t matter she just couldn’t bring herself past the annoyance.

The annoyance deepens and she scowls. She doesn’t trust that phrase, everyone wants things it’s a part of being isn’t it? Saffron can’t figure out what he’d want from her, she has nothing to give but why else would he choose now to bother her? “A visit?” she echoes the phrase trying to work out why. “You’ve never visited before,” she states the fact bluntly crossing her arms over her chest and the uncrossing them. “If it’s my mother your looking for, you won’t find her here. I’ve not seen her in years,” it’s one of the reasons she can think of. Not knowing what her parent’s relationship was like it’s one of few assumptions she can make. Saffron’s still staring at him still trying to work it out. “What is it you want to know?” she asks the question wondering if she can expect and honest answer. He may be her father but he’s still a stranger and why should she want him in her life? “What’s your name? Mum never said,” it comes out blunter than she means it too but she’s in no state of mind to be tactful.

Stand Up and Fight! Stand Up and See The Sky Turn Bright

photo by Shan Sheehanat flickr.com

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