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If EFI was really the way to go, then why wouldn't NHRA use it in their nitro classes? (To help save them money, time, parts, etc. Since that is what this thread is about.)

Letís just talk Mini Rods here: Throwing EFI into the mix, would help some pullers who can't figure their combination out via mechanical means. Say, a blower combo is the norm and works. Then please by all means put on a huffer, or keep plugging away at whatever it is that you are doing. But don't belly ache because to get rules changed so you can maybe or maybe not still have a tractor that runs.

To switch over to EFI, itíll only make the EFI companies money in the short term, as we will still destroy parts learning how to use it. I personally like the simplicity of mechanical FI, and have a hard time putting faith in a $5-15K+ EFI fuel system that can still have a tiny glitch. I have a hard enough time keeping up with my semi trucks and their mass air sensors, DEF sensors, etc. Which is why they make delete kits.

So your argument that EFI is going to save pulling, I beg to differ. Tractor pulling, is about cubic dollars. Every summer it is survival of the fittest and/or how much of your life that you want to devote to it. If you donít have the money to play, then please donít play at all. Sorry to be a negative Nancy but Iím not on the EFI train unless someone can prove to me that a computer wonít have a software issue. I can clean and repair a fuel pump, nozzles, etc. I donít want to have to hire a software engineer just so I can enjoy my hobby. And with the average age of todayís puller being 50-60+ I highly doubt they do either. We arenít F1 or NASCAR, as even they have problems with their fuel systems.

And if you are worried about the younger fans being involved... Unless their daddy is rich, there won't be any young pullers building an unlimited mod, or a mini rod for that matter. At least where Iím from, their eyes are on a street diesel pickup before they look at tractor anyway. But thatís an entirely different topic for another day.

Merry Christmas to you all you!!


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