Re(9): Tax Bill Passed

It doesn't matter which kooky groups support a candidate, it is the other way around, you imbecile. And how many times did Trump publicly disavow the Klan and White Nationalists? Several dozen. Keep trying to play the race card, and the Russian connection. Meanwhile Trump has realigned the Republicans in Congress, and are passing meaningful legislation.

The 2008 financial meltdown had many authors. Bill Clinton among them by loosening Glass-Stegall, which was completely bipartisan. George W. Bush was pretty culpable too, but not in the way you think. He bent to Democrat pressure to change lending criteria, making it easier for unqualified people to obtain government backed home loans via Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Why should government be in the business of promoting one form of housing vs another? Home mortgages make people more dependent on their employers, and less able to take advantage of job opportunities outside their local area. They also encourage urban sprawl and inefficient use of resources. If you were an honest environmentalist, you should oppose the Home Mortgage Deduction and government backed loans. But you don't. Because you don't know the facts, and even if you did, you would ignore them for partisan political purposes.

Merry Christmas, you little liberal fascist.


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