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Are you insane like me? {M, TW}

Character Information
Name: Kasdeya
Biological Sex: Female
Hair Color: Raven black hair
Eye color: Green Bush Viper eyes (Using x1 Animal Eyes from Bank)
Skin tone: Olive skin tone
Wing appearance: Black Raven Wings
Physical & Neuro-Diversity: Borderline Personality Disorder
Occupation:Brothel Owner and Escort Hotel Owner
Age: 24 years
Brothel Hotel Name: Belladonna
Brief History: At 13, Kas decided that she was bored with the normal dreary life of her parents and ran away from home. She decided to become a prostitute and got together with a brothel owner. Eventually, at the age of 20 she became so highly requested and good at her job that she felt like she deserved more. When she went to the owner to speak to him about her request they got into a fight with him beating her around. In order to "apologize" she invited him to her suite and made him dinner with the promise of a wonderful night. He accepted and agreed to his own demise. Using the posion from her sweet Azrail, she posioned and killed him. She took over the brothel, Belladonna.
Personality/Quirks: Kasdeya sees people as simply toys for her own pleasures. People are there for her to use and abuse however she sees fit. Most of the men she allows to spend a night with her (for a hefty price mind you) will either end the night dead or manipulated into one of her "pets". The women who work for her are seen as the same type of pets. She is sweet to them when she needs to be, but has no qualms killing them either if they step out of line. Her biggest quirk(if you can call it one)? She has a taste for blood. She will drink it or bath in the blood of her victims.
Addictions: Sex, Alcohol, Blood

Familiar Information
Familiar type: Death Adder (Using x1 Ordinary Familiar from Bank)
Toxin type: Neurotoxin - can cause paralysis, and ultimately death if not treated

Player information
Player Name: Renny
Discovered Shaman: Fennic

Sample Post:
Mature, Trigger Warning: Themes of violence, sex, prostitution, abuse, gore

Her fingertips trail down the soft skin of her lover for the night, coated with the warm red liquid dripping down from the wound in his neck. She lifts them to her lips, slipping them into her mouth as her tongue wraps around them. Green eyes close and a shudder runs up her spine as she revels in the sweet metallic taste. "You taste so good, sweet one." She leans down and whispers into the dying man's ear. "But no one will ever taste as good as my first." The dark giggle is the last thing ringing in the man's mind as he slips into the darkness, never again to return to the light. Kasdeya pulls back from the man, resting her hand on the chilling chest as it falls for the last time. "You went much too soon. Now all the fun is spoiled." Arms cross over an ample bosom as she sighs, eyes raking over the masculine form on her bed, streams of red running down the pale skin. She would have her most recent pet take care of the body later. Slowly, she slips up from the bed, grabbing the black robe from the bedpost and slipping it over her naked form not bothering to tie it shut. Long slender legs take her to the full length mirror where she takes in the droplets of red that are scattered over her skin, fingertips trailing through a few along her face, watching as the drops turn into streaks of red along her pretty features. "You can come out now, Azrail. He died too quickly. What a bore." She sighs as the black and grey banded snake slithers out from the box on her nightstand where he had curled, prepared to strike should he be needed.

"You dug too deep after the first round of screams. You know better than that. The snake slithered over the body on the bed, before descending to the floor and making his way to Kas. "He was boring from the start. Couldn't even begin to know how to please me in bed. I should have known he wouldn't please me in his death as well." Her hands moved to her hair, releasing the raven locks from the messy bun on the top of her head, letting them cascade down her back. She sighed as she moved to the little table on the other side of the room, sinking into a small chair. Fingertips moved to grasp a wine glass, setting it down as she poured herself another glass of Syrah. The glass is lifted to her lips as she leans back in the chair. "I need another like my first. Another sap with an idiotic grin on his face as he feels the pleasure, until it is replaced by sheer surprise and fear in his beady little eyes. Someone who refuses to scream at first, attempts to keep me from being pleased, but soon gives in when the pain is too great. Someone who holds onto hope until it withers away like their very life." The dark laugh that follows would cause even the bravest man's hair to stand on end.

She remembers her first kill as though it just happened. The emotions that ran through her as she raked the knife along smooth skin for the first time. She shivers in excitement as she relives the moment...

Four years before...

She can still feel the sting on her cheek where his hand made contact with smooth skin. She can feel the pressure where his hands closed around her thin throat, pushing his thumbs against her windpipe before her back met the wall with a loud thud. The bruises on her arms are already growing darker, the black and purple hues showing where he had grabbed her and roughly pulled her up from the floor where she had fallen. Viper eyes peer into the mirror before her as determination sets in.No one would ever touch her like that and get away with it. Not again. Her body had been bruised and broken enough by her father and she had been bored enough by him. Pain only brought so much pleasure. Sex brought more, but it still wasn't enough. Tonight, she would discover if there was a new source of pleasure that she could attain.

She ran her hand along the black scales of her familiar as he struck the plastic cover on the vile, watching as the venom dripped down the tube and pooled at the bottom. "That's plenty, Azrail. Thank you." she whispered as she helped him remove himself from the plastic, placing a light kiss upon his head. He slithered his way up her arm, resting around her shoulders as she moved to her closet, pulling out the blood red mini dress. She slipped into it before slipping her feet into the black heels. "Shall we go prepare the slop for the swine?" She laughed as she made her way to the kitchen where the food and wine were laid out for the night. A tip of the vile into the drink and the trap was set. She had promised him a night to remember, how sad that the memory would only last as long as his heart did.

Azrail's neurotoxin worked slowly and she couldn't help but grin down at the Belladona's owner as he began to realize that he could no longer move. She pulled away from him with a laugh as he tried to move any part of him. "What, did you think you were just numb from all the pleasure? The words were spat from the vixen's mouth as she moved to the desk, opening up a drawer and pulling out the dagger. The metal gleamed in the moonlight that poured in through the window, illumination the handle decorated with the snakes. She moved to him, watching the fear in his eyes grow, his mouth a bit slack. She grabbed his face between her hand, leaning down to kiss him hard, biting down on his lip until she drew blood. The metallic taste in her lips drove her into a frenzy as the knife began to move, drawing red lines upon the tanned skin.

Present Day

"That was by far the most euphoria I have ever experienced." She grinned to Azrail as he coiled himself around her hand and the wine glass. "Let's fetch the pet, shall we? I'm in need of a long soak."

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