Re(12): Tax Bill Passed

Iím not torturing language Ė he specifically said there were very fine people on both sides. One side was comprised of Naziís and terrorists. He also attempted to justify the actions of the Naziís and the terrorists who murdered a woman. Even Big Daddy is smart enough to realize heís nothing without his Nazi base.

Iím not going to waste the time litigating the housing crisis but the fact that you cling to the fascist myth about government backed loans single handedly destroying the housing market is as absurd as it is ignorant. The problem was subprime lending Ė the majority of which was done by the private sector. The loans backed by the government during this time performed better than those backed by the private sector Ė who held the majority of subprime loans. This lending was conducted willfully and knowingly by big banks and wrapped up willfully and knowingly by Wall Street in investment vehicles and willfully and knowingly given a stamp of approval by the ratings agencies who all get a cut of the action despite knowing god damn good and well the people they were lending to would never be able to pay off the mortgage. Your boy Dubya and the Cons you support were cheerleading this. Dubyaís and his regime and the Fed willfully and knowingly turned a blind eye to it despite being warned by state and local governments. In some cases they even overrode state and local actions to put an end to it.

Actually revenue has been the problem since 1981 when your Saint Ronnie started transferring much of the nationís wealth to the top. And ever since the same Art Laffer horseshit has been blubbered out like gospel from cultists like yourself and over and over again itís never happened. Not in 1981, not in 2001, and not in 2011 in Kansas where your Boy Brownie turned Kansas into a petri dish of shit.

I love how you call Obama a socialist and a communist but then quote him on how we need to cut taxes on small businesses. Canít quite make up your mind about why he was a terrible president other than he was black. Of course Obama was criticizing the tax code that made it beneficial for companies to ship jobs overseas and how it hurt small businesses. This bill wonít do a goddamn thing to stop jobs from going overseas nor will it do a damn thing to help small businesses Ė other than those owned by wealthy people Ė like law firms, hedge funds, and lobbyists. Not a big shock since they pretty much wrote the damn bill.

Considering this bill will start raising many peopleís taxes in 2021 then revenues may increase slightly but almost certainly wonít bring revenues back to where they are today or where they were before Reaganomics began decimating this country. So Iíll still be talking politics then and youíll still be spreading lies once Big Daddy and Lil Mikey are booed out of DC like your boys Dubya and Dick.


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