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Having trouble remembering the title or author of a fanfic? Search for it here. Are you a wealth of fanfic knowledge? Please, share it.
But when you post a request, PLEASE be specific in the subject line. Title, author, or genre of fic will narrow down the search and direct
people who may know what you're looking for. Generic or vague "Looking for a fic" subject lines are not helpful, as that's all we do here.
And while off topic posts are allowed, we'd all appreciate an OT in the subject line so we know you're not asking a fic question.
It's all about the fic, so it's all good. Thank you for your co-operation.

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Also Brilliant!

I'm loving the way the site looks! ~thumbs up~ And the graphics are just flat-out smutty fun. Please feel free to pick my brain any time you like. 8-D I would never have become the fandom slumlord without having picked a whole bunch of brains myself. LOL I really appreciate your kind (and thematically appropriate) comments. 8-D It's all about the fic that we love, isn't it?

I know other people have different ideas when it comes to getting permission to archive, but here's my own position. These stories were put on the Internet. The Internet never goes away, so it's a bit naive to say they can't go anywhere else this late in the day. Unless a story specifically says "Do not archive" I'll include it. Sometimes I'll include it even if there IS a DNA warning simply because I know it can't be found anywhere else. I've had very good luck with using a disclaimer asking authors to contact me if they don't want their story a site. That disclaimer is on every one of the sites I now house because trying to contact people is next to impossible anymore. Rather than look for them, I let them come to me.

Every so often I hear from someone who wants their story removed. I've managed to talk all but one into either letting me change/remove the name/email on the fics or remove ALL identifying info and just use Anonymous as the author. I'm going with "It's better to ask forgiveness than to seek permission." YMMV but take it for what it's worth. It's been working for the most part. 8-D

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