Re(13): Tax Bill Passed

So in your version of the trouble in Charlottesville is there are two sides. One comprised of good, peaceful, liberal who wanted to remove Civil War era statues and vicious, white supremacist terrorists that wanted to preserve them. All because you want to paint Trump badly. There were a continuum of people there, and violent protesters on BOTH sides. There were plenty of people that wanted the statues to stay that weren't racists or violent. There was some Soros funded antifa provocateurs there too. So when Trump says there were good people on both sides, you are conflating that to mean that Trump was praising the white supremacist element, which is CLEARLY not what he meant. This is what I meant by torturing language. Also, what Trump was trying to do was promote healing and finding common ground, and what you and your ilk are doing is trying to stoke tension. You are vermin of this highest order.

Did I say government loaning guidelines were "single handedly destroying the housing market"? No. I clearly mentioned Glass-Stegall as a major cause and started out by saying that the meltdown of 2008 had MANY AUTHORS. Are you incapable of an honest debate? This isn't some social media talking head TV debate where people are commenting on the commentators. This is one to one on a small board. I know what I wrote and so do you, so why try to claim otherwise? Because you are Alinskyite trash who knows no other way.

Yep. Subprime was part of the problem. But what you will never acknowledge is that there are TWO parties responsible for a bad subprime loan. The lender, and THE BORROWER. BOTH.

"Actually revenue has been the problem since 1981" - The facts don't bear this out.

The revenue curve gets STEEPER after Reagan, you fucking idiot.

Obama was a shitty president because he said stuff like the quote I referenced, and then did absolutely NOTHING about it. And also gave conflicting statements both before and after.

Yeah, both the Atlantic and the Washington Post both said Hillary would win, so pardon me if I am a little suspicious of their predictions.

Go spread your racist partisan shit to some rubes who will believe it.


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