Re(14): Tax Bill Passed

Thatís not my version Ė itís the version. It was filmed you toxic Nazi fuck. Now Iím sure it wasnít reported over on state run media Ė Faux and the website formerly run by Matt Drudgeís ex. Charlottesville was a planned Trump Nazi event. They showed up with Tiki Torches and were heavily armed. Now typically when armed Naziís show up trouble usually follows. These devoted members of the Trump Nazi movement wanted violence and death and they sure got it didnít they? There were not good people defending the presence of monuments to confederate traitors and slavery- only Trump Naziís and racist filth like yourself. Donít you find it odd that you constantly say the Jim Crow south and the KKK were all a bunch of Democrats yet you defend and want to preserve what they stood for? A whole paragraph to do exactly what your Big Daddy did Ė try to excuse and explain away white supremacist terrorism carried out by people just like you. A true Trump Nazi you are Ė Big Daddy would be very pleased with you.

You never mentioned subprime lending you dishonest fool. You were railing about Fannie and Freddie and Clinton repealing Glass Steagal. No, Clinton should not have done that. And yes, if he hadnít your boy Dubya would have. I agree that there were many fingerprints on it but it was the subprime lending crisis that was the result of this deregulation and the cause of the crash. And the Dubya regime was warned about it and did nothing Ė only exacerbated it. You are not capable of an honest debate because you refuse to admit this Ė because you supported Dubya and the Conís policies. So you just lie about it instead and spew the usual fascist propaganda about how it was really just the fault of poor people.

Yes, the facts do bear this out you lying scumbag. Thatís why Reagan RAISED taxes 4 times Ė because it blew apart the budget and didnít raise enough revenue. Even the architects of his tax cuts acknowledge this. Clinton raised taxes and Obama raised taxes on the rich. The chart you included counts these tax hikes. Tax revenues as a percentage of GDP as shrunk since 1981 and it is common knowledge that the most you can hope for is about 35 cents on every dollar in tax cuts comes back. Donít you find it odd that all of your fascist orthodoxy can be so easily ripped to shreds? Probably not Ė because tax cuts for those job creators punish the poors (aka blacks) and that needs to happen no matter what.

And Obama actually cut taxes Ė except he cut them on the middle class. But those didnít really count Iím sure. And where did I contradict myself? I was pointing out what a complete bozo you are for calling Obama a shitty president and a commie while quoting him wanting to do what you claim to be in favor of doing. Yet you call him a shitty president and support a fascist who does the exact opposite. Again, youíre a bozo. And a Nazi.

And then the usual Trump Nazi horseshit to go along with the lies and propagandaĖ Soros funded antifa (let me guess Ė it was Soros bussed in illegals who defeated your pedophile hero Roy Moore?), an Alinsky reference (Soros and Alinksy Ė both Jewish Ė what a coincidence), classic projection, and a reference to how media canít be trusted because Hillary. Who is the rube again?


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